District at a Glance

Kamrup is one the oldest districts in Assam with a glorious history of five thousand years since the prehistoric era. It is a unique administrative unit with its jurisdiction on both the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra.

Kamrup district is a former administrative district located in Western Assam from which Barpeta district (1983), Nalbari district (1985) were formed. In 2003 Kamrup was bifurcated into Kamrup Metropolitan district and Kamrup Rural district. In 2004 the northern parts of Barpeta, Nalbari and Kamrup Rural district were constituted into Baksa district .It was large administrative district in colonial times that has been reducing its size in subsequent periods. However in 1983 undivided Kamrup was bifurcated into Kamrup Police District & Guwahati city Police district.

It shares a boundary of about 99 kms with the state of Meghalaya in the south bank. It covers eight Legislative Assembly Constituencies (5 whole and 3 in parts). Kamrup district is located between 90'48-91'50 east longitude and 25'46-26'49 north latitude. The total geographical area of the district is about 2740.74 Sq. Kms.

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